Exclusive selection of natural stones

I chose the round cut for its ideal balance, it was already the favorite of the maharajas from the beginning of the 20th century.
— Jaw
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Our stones are selected with attention in the AAA category, we run the world to find the best shades and we impose conditions respecting artisans, we place these criteria at the heart of our ethics.

We preserve their raw nature from the extraction to the cut by a certified lapidary. Then they are carefully assembled in our workshop to complete their journey on your wrists.

Crystallization is rare and requires millions of years, it comes from the harmonization of different organic materials such as carbon, silica, magnesium or copper with specific conditions of temperature and pressure.





Our wide selection matches your affinity by color or symbolic 

From the core of the earth to your wrists, these fragments of Nature offer you their singular characters.
— J.D.
Ganesh protects our natural stones - JAWERY