From a passion to the creation of the atelier

I discovered Indian art of jewelry in a land called "place for kings" on my first journey in 2008.

Indeed, Rajasthan built a particular reputation with the exceptional stones crystallized in it core. 

Maharajas spread their love for round cut stones in the beginning of the 20th century, offering a wide selection of colors and shades to the jewelers of the Place Vendôme in Paris.

While discovering the beauty of this story, I met a lapidary who taught me the fundamental energy of stones: their chemical composition develops a distinct resonance, this frequency can align with ours and transmit us a particular aura; 

Atelier Jawery - Inspiration Ganesh
Bracelets Aequilibrium - Atelier JAWERY

I get my inspiration from the traditional Ayurvedic medicine where crystals are used to balance energies and chakras. I created my first bijou de poignet Aequilibrium in 2012 to wear my favorite stones with style.

Following the first orders, I extend my atelier in 2014 to share my love for natural stones with distinctive accessories offering an elegant aesthetic while preserving the craftsman spirit and maintaining the uniqueness of each creation.

Our unique technique is a blend of savoir-faire, combining works of metals and silks to offer a unique wearing sensation. 

It distinguishes us from other brands using elastic wires to assemble their bracelets, without clasp and without soul ...

Our manufacture spirit allows us to offer a tailormade service to compose exclusive sets, adapted to your taste and affinity with stones.

Assemblage artisanal de bijou de poignet
Each creation unveil your taste for Beauty.
— J.D.